How to say "No" by saying "Yes".

“Yes” is such a nice word. It makes you feel you treat everybody nice and instantly brings on positive emotions. The only problem with “yes” is that it might  interfere with your business´ boundaries. So next time you say yes make sure you are saying yes for the right reasons.

Believe me, I get it, -how hard it is to say “no” sometimes. The feeling of guilt that sneaks upon you.


When my phone rings and a new parent says they really would like to have me to do their newborn session of their newborn baby, and I am fully booked…

That is hard my friend!


Or when a client ask me if they can have all the digital files included with their album or if they can get a discount on their order…


Whatever it is, it is always hard to say “no”.


But you are doing yourself a disservice if you say “yes” to things you really should be saying no to.


If I had taken more sessions when being fully booked I would have had to work late nights, miss time with my family, stress more and probably given my other clients less service because of that. It would have given me a little more income, but the price of doing it would be high.


Same with giving the digital files for free. Your business has boundaries for a reason; to ensure you treat all clients the same way and that you make make what you need for your living.  If you start changing your policies or prices whenever a client ask for a favor of some sort, you are devaluating your brand!  And chances are it will come back to you the next time they book a session or if they tell their friends about it and they expect the same treatment..

When saying “no” it might be easier if you explain “why” you are saying no and offer them alternative solutions.




“I would have loved to take your newborn shots, but unfortunately I am fully booked until the end of the year. If you like I can book you in for a babysession at 3 months?”

“I understand you would like to have the digitale files for this, but that would be unfair to my other clients who pays the full amount. But if you like I can give you a app with all your images on if you upgrade to a larger album”


“Yes, if you get my package XWZ there is a 15% discount”


You are then saying “no” by saying “yes”. Let me know if this was helpful😊